Agent disrobes for sale. Does chest hair have any place in real estate marketing?

Darren Moffatt

I never, ever thought I would write these words in a real estate blog. Hell, I never thought I'd write them at all, but it's become inescapable.

You see, we need to to talk about chest hair.

I know it's a tough market out there. Volumes are down, and new creative ideas are needed to survive and thrive. But are we at the point yet where agents need to rip off the shirt and flash the manly mane? The reason I ask is that one very enterprising young agent has taken it to the next level and unleashed the 'power of the pelt' on unsuspecting property purchasers in Sydney's Inner West. Check out this sales video. 

(For maximum effect, freeze the frame at 1.39 - such a touching shot.) 

Of course the whole video is a bit of fun, and a non-too-subtle attempt to get attention, and maybe even go VIRAL. Which of course this blog post may well assist with. On this level, the agents must be applauded for trying to get the best price for their vendor. But it raises lots of questions too.

Firstly, when an agent gets part of their kit off in an effort to sell a house, what does it say about the agent? Desperate or totally commited? It's a fine line.

Secondly, is it a good idea to have the agent 'in the story' rather than just talking about the property?

Thirdly, does chest hair or a flash of skin add to, or detract from, the market perception of the property and the ultimate price paid?

Finally, what would have been the public response if a woman had have tried this? (Presumably without the chest hair) 

I don't have the answers, but I'm keen to start the discussion. I'd even like to hear from the agents in question. Maybe this was a deliberate strategy to designed to appeal to a particular market demographic??

If so, then attention all chest hair enthusiasts: this property is for you.