Kay Watkinson

Hello neighbours.  Thought I would tell you about an incident at the Surfers Paradise Bridge Club in BENOWA yesterday Friday 21st March.  One of the bridge players, June from Benowa, arrived for her game at the club, went to the boot of her car to collect her things only to find 4 foot snake with a cane toad in its mouth staring her in the face.  Of course, she slammed the boot shut and ran into the Club for help. 

We eventually tracked down a lovely man called Dean from Reptiles on the Run.  He arrived very quickly and with big gloves on, proceeded to search the car from top to bottom.  No snake.  He said that they are very clever at hiding and could have crawled into the cavity behind the glovebox or into the door cavity.  He said that the only way to find it would be to dismantle the car.  Of course, June was not happy about that. 

There should have been a charge for his services, because as he said, this is how he makes his living, but he did not charge June as he did not find the snake.  June's friend drove her home, and I'm not sure what their next step was going to be. 

I would like to let everyone know about the wonderful service we received from Dean from Reptiles on the Run (he actually had 'Snakes on the Run' on his polo shirt).  So keep this number 0406 623575 or 07 5502 3542 handy, as the dry weather is bring lots of snakes out at the moment apparently. 

Now I will ring June and see what happened next!!