More about Crime in Benowa

Kay Watkinson

After my laptop was stolen from my home in St Kevins Avenue a couple of months ago, I was visited by the Police who used their fingerprint detection black dust around the entry area and were very sympathetic about my loss.  The laptop was about 4 years old and almost worthless to anybody except me, as it contained years of work not of any interest to anyone.  There was a Telstra toggle attached with about $90 worth of access still left on it.  The police told me that crime in Benowa in my area was committed mainly by bored school kids.  I went to Telstra and the toggle had never been used and I was able to get a new one only having to pay for the actual toggle.  The Police told me that laptops, ipads, jewellery and cash were what the theives are looking for.

I was contacted a few days later by two wonderful volunteers from Broadbeach Police Station who came and assessed my home and advised me on ways to protect myself and my property against any break-ins in the future.  They told me that the thieves rarely return as I was worried that they would not be targetting me once I bought a new laptop.  These volunteers checked my window locks, doors, access points via garage and all outside doors.  They issued me with a written report and plenty of excellent advice.  They said get to know your neighbours, secure your mail box against identity theft (a huge problem at the moment they said), don't use the same password on different accounts (something I think we all do) and much more.  Crime in Benowa is apparently rife, something I was very surprised about, as it is such a quiet place and my street is a dead-end, which I thought would be a deterrent.  They told me to join a Neighbourhood Watch Group and also to add sensor lights outside. Housenet is surely a very good place to go in this regard.

Also provided by the Queensland Government is a Victims Counselling & Support Service for people who can't get on with their lives after a robbery.  I must admit I still walk into the house and expect that I might have been robbed again, or that somebody will be in my house.  This support service will provide free counselling if you can't cope after the robbery or break-in.   Crime in Benowa.  Hope this has been useful for everyone and please take care locking up, don't be casual about it.  Kay