Once again Frew Park contributed to living the Auchenflower lifestyle

Barry Osborne

Frew Park Easter Extravaganza Living the Auchenflower Lifetitle

It was called Easter Extravaganza and I am not sure whether it was part of the Neighbourhood Day but it sure had a feel of just that. There were neighbours coming from all streets to get to the Frew Park celebrations. Families from all over were there and it was simply a kid’s paradise, with so much to do. It was what makes living the Auchenflower Lifestyle so special. A short stroll from home to a great community park filled with activities. A great family atmosphere was created.

Isn’t it great when living the Auchenflower lifestyle, brings people together as a community to enjoy their family times together?

Even thought there was some rain earlier in the day, nothing could dampen the atmosphere of families together and their children having so much to occupy themselves with a variety of different activities. The kids had it all with the following:

living_the_auchenflower_lifetitle_at Frew_park

  • Walls to climb
  • Monster tiger jumping castle
  • Face painting
  • Visit from the Easter Bunny

living_the_auchenflower_lifetitle_at Frew_park

  • Meet the farm animals
  • Pony rides
  • Tennis games
  • Not to mention the Frew Park playground that is the playground of all playgrounds. It is nothing like you have seen before. Maybe we should run a competition as to which suburb has the best children’s playground? Check out these photos in this blog.

living_the_auchenflower_lifetitle_at Frew_park

The adults weren’t forgotten also with music being played by the Kate Street Mob Jazz band and the BrizWest Concert Band. The kids played while the parents could sit on the grass and listen to the bands.  Later in the evening, there was to be a movie (How to train your Dragon 2) on a large screen. When hungry, of course, there was some good sausage sizzle stands for everyone to get rid of those hunger pains.

In going around the venue, I didn’t really know anyone. It is a real shame of our modern society that with the internet, it is so much easier to relate to someone on the other side of the world than it is with someone in your own street.

A good neighbour in today’s world seems to be one who you never hear from and never meet.

Or is it? Are we missing out on so much because of this? As a boy growing up in Rainworth our local community was made up of all our neighbours. They were our friends, our social contacts, and our helpers when we needed assistance. Maybe we have to work at it more to ensure we are not losing something that is very important to us all. We are each other’s support group when things become difficult or our communities have dangers threatening our homes such as burglaries. Who better to call upon to protect our way of life? It is a good neighbour within our community who is there to look after your interests.

Therefore, isn’t it logical that we should do more in building the relationships within our streets? Getting to know each other better.  Definitely not to complain about something, but more importantly, just to say hello or “How are you going?” in the good Aussie way. This is what I see as the real benefit of sites like Housenet.  An important social network that is working towards building up the network channels for neighbourhoods.

But the real challenge for all of us, is how to build membership so that we can at long last relate to the people within our local area. I can write as much as I want, but if I can’t share my thoughts and feelings and vice versa with the people of the area, then what have I or anyone else achieved? Membership is the key.

So what are your thoughts on this matter? Initially, we can work together to build strategies that we can try in all our areas and find what works best to build membership. The success of Housenet is also our success, because it is building the communication lines that allows for a strong community to develop. If you wish you lived in the area check out Browse Houses.

It is my belief that our neighbourhood communities are the backbone of our society.  What do you think? Give your comments below and also subscribe to this blog to keep the discussion going. Don't forget to join Housenet as well as it is our communication lines.