Living the Auchenflower Lifestyle has gained with Frew Park

Barry Osborne

Few Park AuchenflowerIf there is one thing that is often lacking when it comes to living within Inner City precincts and that is often the lack of open spaces for recreation. But in my area, we now have a derelict site now transformed into a wonderful recreational area. Thanks to our Brisbane City Council and their foresight. But this derelict site was not always that and the area was filled with memories of Growing up in Rainworth. This area not only housed the old Milton Tennis Centre but it also had the old Milton Bowl Centre. Now it is an amazing Few Park with open spaces, BBQ areas, walking tracks, children's amazing play area and of course a new Tennis Centre.

What a transition for Living the Auchenflower Lifestyle?

But as the boy growing up in Rainworth with a love for tennis, I had a real connection with the old Milton Tennis Centre. In my last years of primary school I wanted to become a tennis star and play for Australia in the Davis Cup. My father had built our own tennis court and I practiced for many hours. I even became the captain of the tennis team, later on even became the captain of the Brisbane State High School team junior team. But before high school, I was so determined that I entered the junior competition at the Milton Tennis Centre. I soon found out that there were other young players in Brisbane, much better than myself. But I did give my dream a try.

blog-18-View-of-the-tennis-courts-at-Milton-where-a-Davis-Cup-tournament-is-being-played-Brisbane-1958-300x175The closest I ever got to gaining Davis Cup status was attending the Davis Cup competition being held in Brisbane at the Milton Tennis Centre in 1962 with Australia playing Mexico. 

This was a Christmas present from my parents who gave me tickets to attend. What a match it was, and of course Australia won with the great support in the stands of a young boy, barracking on his Australian team to win 5 games to nil.

Then there was the Milton Bowl that was at the entrance way from Haig Road. Gee, what an amazing experience for young people to actually play this new game from the US. We thought we were so cool, playing the game as we listened to the latest music of the time. I never really mastered the game and at the time it was a bit expensive to do too often but what a fun time it was for me and my friends.


But now we have something even better. Open spaces in the heart of my territory and with many young families coming into the area again, it has offered a great recreational area for our community including a children’s playground that would be the envy of any suburb. Whilst the children play Dad can be cooking a great BBQ lunch from the number of in place BBQs. But the thing I like best is the walk track which means that you don’t have to walk the traffic fueled streets.

Then there is the interesting story about the large tennis racket that stands on Milton Road. It came from the original tennis centre site and it was purchased by the famous hairdresser Stefan, who donated it back to the Few Park development.


But Few Park has also brought me the challenge to once again play the game that I loved as a boy so much. I always said that tennis was a great sport because it could be played for most of your life. Well, I am prepared to test that theory because I would like to play again. So if you are an older tennis player, and need a partner to play with, please make contact.

What an amazing area we live in. Last week, I spoke about the importance of walking and able to live in an area where there are so many facilities to walk to and now it is tennis which has come back as another pursuit to maintain and get the important exercise. All this and more on offer in Living the Auchenflower Lifestyle. If you don't live here now and would like to consider a move then Browses Houses for sale.

It is a wonderful thing that when you live in an area that you like and enjoy, life can be so different no matter what the difficulties one goes through in life. The Auchenflower lifestyle is one that is special to me and I hope it is to you. So please subscribe to this blog below and also make your views known and keep our life stories alive.