Living the Auchenflower Lifestyle at a walking pace

Barry Osborne

Thing_hated_Growing_up_in_Rainworth_was_growing_up-1I have often reminisced about Growing up In Rainworth. Most of those memories were about walking over my territory. It is interesting that from the time we are born, we strive to get onto our feet as soon as possible and walk. To me the real way to experience life and enjoy what it has to offer, is definitely not by seeing the images flash past your car or train window. The walking experience is what I have treasured all my life, whether in the city or in the country. Now that I am in my latter phase of life, I saw that Auchenflower was probably even better than my beloved Rainworth. Sadly, the suburb name has been swallowed up by Bardon. So in Auchenflower I found so much was close by, just a short walk, and that to me is living the Auchenflower Lifestyle. 

There is more to walking than just the wonderful exercise that it offers but it allows you to not only see the changes that are occurring within the area, but allows you to see the transitions that is happening within the area. It is something that some of the long term residents of the area have told me that in the last 5 years or so, the major transition from a predominance of older people residing in the area to a greater influx now of the young families bringing the sounds of young children to the streets once again. It has also meant that on one’s walk you can now see the grand designs of some of the new homes, but much more about the fantastic renovations that are maintaining the Queensland house character along our streets. When walking you meet many of the people as well as many of their fury friends.

Although one such local character is the brown Labrador who goes on his early morning ride in the sidecar of his owner’s motorbike, even wearing the mandatory eye goggles.

But what I love most is that one can walk to many of the actual things that you need in a good lifestyle, such as:

  1. Restaurants & Coffee Shops

The Auchenflower Lifestyle offers a predominance of these venues with two major precincts where you can go and all within the 1 kilometer radius. These precincts are:

  • Rosalie
  • Milton’s Park Road

You can even go a little further and you are into Paddington or Caxton Street which offers even more venues. The selection is enormous and covers every style of restaurant that you can imagine. But best of all you can leave the car at home, have no worries about finding a parking spot, and no concern whether you have a drink or two. Then relax and help digestion by leisurely walking home hand in hand with your partner. I have written before about some of our venues such as Café Auchenflower for great coffee, and Soul Bistro at Milton.

  1. Gourmet Food

If you are anything like my wife and I, having nice shops that you can buy such delectable food for lunch time is such a must have for that ideal lifestyle. Well, we often walk to the Rosalie Gourmet Market or to Baroona Road Tognini’s Deli Cafe to buy the specialty meats, cheeses, breads and so much more. Then relax with a beautiful coffee.

  1. Entertainment

Last weekend we walked to our own specialty boutique movie theatre, the Blue Room Cinebar. A theatre that offers a number of smaller rooms where you can sit in lounge room type chairs, have hot food with wine and beer and watch your latest movies. Then we have Suncorp Stadium in walking distance where one can see the best sporting events or like last night have great entertainers like the Foo Fighters. What a pleasure it is to take a leisurely stroll to and from the venue without fighting the commuter train or bus.  

  1. Recreational Areas

The council has recently upgraded the Few Park development which is now offering great picnic areas, walking tracks, massive children’s playground and tennis facilities. This is a great contribution to our Auchenflower Lifestyle. There is also the upgrade of Torwood Park next to Café Auchenflower, which is frequented by so many parents and their young children, a playground right next to a great coffee shop.  

There is so much more that could be written about in living the Auchenflower lifestyle, but this I hope is simply a brief overview of a great place to live for whatever age you are. If you are unfortunate in not living here, then maybe you should consider a move, and look at Browse Houses that are at present for sale in this area that I love and could highly recommend for you and your family.

The community is going to be the strenght behind any good lifestyle. The more we can build our community by comunicating more and getting to know the members of that community, the better will be the lifestyle that we generate. The Auchenflower lifestyle is one that is special to me and I hope it is to you. So please subscribe to this blog below and also make your views known.