Brisbane Inner West is Lifestyle Best with the style of Verve Hair

Barry Osborne

Over many years of being in business and being interested in the fundamentals of business, I have found that the real successful businesses are often those where the owners are very enthusiastic about their business. Now when you meet, Dabian and Leigh you can understand the reason they have been successful in their up market hair salon in Paddington due to their passion they have for hairdressing even after operating their salon for over 10 years. But it goes further than that by driving themselves to keep developing themselves and their concepts for their progressive hair salon.

The owner/operators of Verve Hair are Dabian Marning and Leigh Welch and who live in Bardon. Dabian was born in England but came to Brisbane when he was 7 years old. He grew up and trained as a hairdresser in Kenmore. Leigh grew up on the Gold Coast. Dabian got into hairdressing because he saw it as an avenue for his creativity but also because he loves the people interaction that hairdressing offered. They had managed a city salon for 3 years prior to taking the big step and opening their own salon in Paddington.

Why Paddington you may ask?

They saw Paddington having a unique character with the abundance of true Queensland homes and a shopping strip with even more character. But one thing that was lacking was a real up market hair salon to cater to the progressive up and coming professionals of the area. The beginning of Verve Hair in 2004 brought something different to Paddington and it continues to demonstrate that this operation is not going to sit back and rest on its laurels as the Best in Paddington. Recently it has undergone another upgrade in its premises to ensure it is a real difference in hair salons.

What makes it different?

On walking into the salon today you will find that this is no ordinary salon because every work station offers the following:

  •          Verve Hair TVVerve_hair_salon_2

This is a custom television channel where you can see the latest hair styling and fashion from their partnership companies as well as enjoy hair tutorials on the latest in hairdressing.

  •          Free WiFi

To check your emails whilst having your hair done.  But even better

  •          Apple iPads are at every station for you to use

These are on extender arms so you can use without looking down

  •          Luxurious Wash BasinsWash_Basins_at_verve_hair

Those neck breaking old chairs used normally in the industry which would send you to a chiropractor afterwards are no more. You sit in a chair that is mechanically controlled to lay you outwards in a reclined position with a leg rest. But even better the back of the chair can now give you a shiatsu massage while your hair is being washed. What a decadent experience?

  •          Verve cafe

Where you are offered an assortment of fresh beverages to simply make your day. Even better in evenings and weekend appointments you are offered a glass of wine or a beer for the guys. Now this is different!

It is not just about Hairdressing 

Any service that is offered must be supported by good business fundamentals behind the operation whether it is a hairdressing business or any other business. Both Dabian and Leigh are in their 2nd year of a Business Course in Best Practice and last year won a Small Business Award for their participation. They are not simply concentrating on their hairdressing skills they also want the business element of the operation to be strong also. Where would you find a hairdressing salon that has its own Mission, Vision and Value Statements? Just turn on the iPad in front of the chair at their salon, and there it is for all customers to read. Just this year, Dabian and Leigh went to Los Angeles (USA) with Wella and won the prestigious Wella Red Marketing Award.

They love Brisbane's Inner West lifestyle and feel that it offers a great community experience. They could see some real value in developing more of the Paddington character at the street level to really push the area more. They are looking forward to building their business more in the future by working more on the business then just in the business.

So if you are not one of their customers at present, then you should give Dabian and Leigh a call today and make an appointment and be exhilarated by the experience at VERVE HAIR with a customer focus of WE LISTEN.