Growing up in Rainworth, similar events, occurring along a timeline

Barry Osborne

Time_is_Critical_for_the_Rural_EntrepreneursNo matter where I look I keep seeing things that starts my brain recalling the past. I was walking along Baroona Road Milton last week and saw the banner advertising the Rainworth School Fete and immediately thought back when I was at school and attending the School fete. Too often we differentiate between the past and today as if they are separated totally when really they are attached but at different ends of a timeline. Things change but they are all still relevant and tied together. Such is the case with the following:

The Rainworth State School Fete -


But whether in the minds of the old or the young, it is still a fete which creates feelings today as it did for the students of old. It was a FUN day being with your school mates but not for school. They don’t even hold it at the school grounds like we did which made the tie to the school. It is an exciting day no matter what era in time.

For all those old pupils who attended Rainworth State School, next Sunday is a special event with the RAINBOW CARNIVAL being held at the Norm Buchan Park. I am sure the present students won’t need any reminding. The last time, I attended a Rainworth School Fete was back in the late 50’s, and thinking back, I remember going but there are no specific things that come to mind that really made the fete stand out. But maybe just going this time and possibly meeting old friends and discussing the old days, things will come to mind. We did not have photos in my day like now to prompt the memory of the moments.

Growing up along the Rainworth Timeline

My experiences are of the 50’s mainly and I can see what it is now but I started wondering as to what Rainworth looked like prior to my time. I remember when I returned to Rainworth after a long absence I was amazed as to how everything looked, totally condensed, even Boundary Road looked as if it had been shortened. But what was Rainworth like before that time. How far back do you have to go before it was a real farming area and what were the original farm houses? Facts that I don’t know, but I do know the following:

  • My father built our home at 154 Boundary Road in the late 40’s. opposite the school.
  • The house on the lower side at 156 Boundary Road was much older than ours and belonged to Mrs Sanderlands.
  • There was a female & a male hairdressing saloon next door and I do know that my mother operated a cake shop (owned by her much older sister) on those premises as a young girl getting up at 4am every morning and beating so many dozen of eggs by hand to be used in her cakes. This must have been in the mid to late 30’s. So when were these premises built?
  • The Rainworth State School was opened in July 1928 and extended with the two story brick building (D Block) in 1933-34. When was the first School Fete?
  • Now if you go to Google and look at Origin Historic Photos of Australia there are two there of Rainworth from the 1930’s 









This shows Rainworth of old and it looks like the house at 156 Boundary Road is there and there is another house which I believe would have been on the other side of the future hairdressers which I believe is the Ruddles house that always looked like an old farm house. A much bigger house exists further up the hill which I believe is the house belonging to Andrews. Mrs Andrews sister owned the next house and she use to make pickle onions. Both looked very much like old farming families.  

Just imagine if people from this time came back and was looking at Rainworth now. What a shock they would get from the development? I find it amazing to look at all the bush I use to run around and to see it now as all houses. I was amazed recently how much the school has expanded down the back since I saw it last in the 60's.

It is important that we keep the stories of our beginnings alive. The one regret I have about my father's passing away, was that many of the great stories of the war and of the Police Force in the 60's & 70's died with him. So if you have stories to tell, please Register (on the right) and let's keep them alive.