West Connex - The Road that Killed Annandale?

Darren Moffatt

By now most Sydney-siders have probably heard of the West Connex road. It's 33 km of additional express freeway, with six to eight lanes wide ALL THE WAY.

What most Inner West residents don't realise is how it will directly affect US. It's looking like a real killer for the community lifestyle we hold so dear.

Especially in Ananndale.  Yes that's right, Annandale.

I only just discovered myself recently that part of the West Connex construction is the right to develop land around the route. For Annandale, this means ONE THOUSAND new apartments to be built with no corresponding increase in local infrastructure!!

According to 2011 Census data, Annandale has a current population of about 8,600 housed in 4,149 dwelling. So West Connex will see the housing stock increase by a whopping 24% in one go.

If you're a home owner, what's that going to do for your property value?

If we assume 2.2 people per dwelling, the local population will swell by 25% - or 2,200 humans. Think about that, and the impact on:

  • local traffic
  • air quality
  • pollution
  • pressure on council services
  • quality of life
  • school student loads 

These impacts are bad enough, but as SMH reports West Connex has been approved without proper oversight or indpendent review. The whole thing is dodgy, from start to finish.

And the cost? Wholesale destruction of fine Inner West suburbs such as Habefield, Leichhardt, Petersham, Five Dock, St Peters, Sydenham, Newtown and more!

So if you want to help stop West Connex in Annandale (and elsewhere) , then get behind the local No West Connex movement. Come to the rally in White's Creek Park.

Spread the word. Start blogging, sharing, Facebooking, Twittering, shouting beers at the pub - what ever you need to do to get the word out. Only people power can stop West Connex.