Sydney's Inner West Shows How Real 'Community' Is Done

Darren Moffatt

What makes a truly great place to live?

For some it's hum and bustle of urban living; buzzing nightlife, cafe culture and retail shopping on your doorstep.

For others, more practical considerations such as transport, schools and - ahem- affordable real estate take precedence.

For what it's worth, I think the key quality that separates just another hum drum suburb from the really special places is a true sense of 'local community'. What is this exactly? It's hard to define but you know it when you see it, and it's been on display big time over the last few weeks in Sydney's Inner West.

First up Annandale: a few weeks ago there was an amazing street festival that only locals now about. It's a complete gem; I'm talking about the annual festival that the Annandale Bhuddist Temple puts on for the local community.

The parishioners even cook AMAZING Thai food and make it free for the locals to try. The monks also open the temple up for the public to have a look!

Next up was the annual Leichhardt Festival. It was a beautiful day and Norton St was jam packed with locals and visitors...


There were hundreds of stalls, entertainment, and loads of familiar faces from the local community.  

I know that other suburbs in the Sydney's Inner West such as Erskineville, Newtown, and Glebe also hold community festivals and events. Do you know of any others? Leave a comment and share your tip.  

In all these events it's really great to see people from such a diverse range of backgrounds coming together, sharing, and living harmoniously. In an age of so called 'terror', it's important to remember that real community spirit is alive and kicking.