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    Hi there, welcome to Agent CONFIDENTIAL. This is a closed group page for real estate agents ONLY. Membership is by approval.

    Agent CONFIDENTIAL aims to be the best online location for agents to share, vent, learn, network, and generally talk shop. Privacy has been set on this group so that non-members and the public cannot see the content of the page, nor any content you add by way of comments, documents, photos or videos.

    Relax: it's just for industry.

    Group rules:  

    • Postive ideas & comment - welcome
    • Robust discussion -welcome
    • War stories - welcome
    • No listings
    • No abuse
    • No spam
    • Promotion - by prior consent only with page owners

    Thanks, we hope you enjoy the group and please contact us with any ideas for improvement.


    Braden Walters

    Peter Konidaris 

    (Page owners)