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27/06/2014 6:14 am - 9:14 am
Western Australia
PERTH 6800
Western Australia
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Exploring Romania's spectacular scenery, its outdoors activities (hiking, cycling, caving, horse riding and more), its history and its cultural and spiritual heritage it’s a fairytale. Here you'll be introduced to the Romanian people. Everything from their customs to their traditional handcrafts and even their humour. Come along and you'll learn about:traveling over Romanian breathtaking landscapes, Romanian cultural and spiritual heritage, many of our legends and, of course, the history of Dracula, tasting Romanian food and wine and many other attractions. Any combination is possible: there is so much to see and do !
Romania, this wonderful country with many marvelous landscapes, wild and famous places is a very good market for itself, for the entire Europe and for the whole world, because each people from anywhere, want to have the best products, a better and profitable business. Enterprises, corporations, companies around the world want to start a very prosperous business here, in Romania with many good products in many fields of activity.
I make this ad for all sponsors, businessmen and investors from worldwide who want to buy a house and invest in manufacture, all sorts of business in industry, agriculture and tourism. We have a very beautiful country and each year come here houdreds of visitors.

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