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15/10/2016 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm
AMCExpo Melbourne
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General $25.00: General seating.

VIP $95.00 (only 50 available): Preferred seating. Souvenir programme. VIP after party with guests. Chance to be selected as a presenter at the awards.



The Apollo Awards Ceremony is a gala red-carpet event that will be hosted by Dean Hagland (X-Files and Lone Gunmen) at the Australian Movie and Comic Expo in Melbourne in October 2016.

Heavily themed in Science Fiction and Fantasy, with props on display, screens for video clips, creative lighting and sound design, the Apollo Awards Presentation evening will make for vibrant and exciting coverage for packaging and viewing.

The evening would begin with an introduction and brief explanation of the awards. Invited guests presenters would be welcomed to the stage as they present the legend and contemporary awards in each category. One presenter per award would be used. VIP and guests presenters would be seated in front together with media, sponsors, contributors, with fans filling the remainder of the seats.

The Apollo Awards will utilize classic award categories such as Best Actor, Best Film, and Best Series, as well as contemporary and irreverent approaches, such as ‘Best Fight Scene’, ‘Best Mythical Creature’ and ‘Best Space Battle’.

Presenters on the evening will be nationally recognized presenters from Pop Culture Expos, online Video Blogs and the cream of the Australian Cosplay scene.

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